Single Family Board received an email from Lee Rollins, Bermuda Run Town Manager....
I wanted to make you aware that 4am construction and lighting unexpectently took place on the RISE facility property. Two residents have reached out to me expressing their understandable frustration. Unfortunately, the currently activity of pouring highly sensitive to temperature. Therefore, LandMark will need to work in the early morning hours for a limited period of time. The work would commence at 4am and be completed around 9am on the following days (weather permitting)
  • Thursday, July 30th – COMPLETED
  • Friday, July 31st
  • Thursday, August 6th
  • Friday, August 7th
  • Wednesday, August 12th
LandMark has communicated that they will commit to mitigating the impact on Kinderton Village in the following ways:
  • They will set back the lights in such a way that they are shining away from Kinderton Village as much as possible
  • While the back-up alarms are something that will be difficult to mitigate entirely, they will attempt to route traffic flow to keep this to a minimum (it is important to note that the pours scheduled for tomorrow, August 6 and August 12 will be 200 feet further away from Kinderton Village than what occurred this morning)
If it is possible to convey this information to the residents of Kinderton Village, I would be most appreciative.
Kind regards,

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