Most of us pick up after our pets to be a good neighbor and keep our yard clean. Still, one of the biggest problems for homeowner associations everywhere is Dog Poop! It’s so huge that many service industries are popping up to help alleviate this messy problem when owners don’t or won’t clean up after their pets. One such industry is DNA testing for dogs so that poop can be matched to the dog. Another is a neighborhood clean up service for dog poop.

Why all the fuss? DOG POOP IS DANGEROUS. According to Poop 911, a Residential and Commercial Poop Scooping Service:

  1. Dog poop is not fertilizer

    Dog poop in particular is not fertilizer like cow manure. Contrary to popular opinion not all poop is created equal. Dog’s have a high protein based diet that creates a very acidic waste product. Far more info than you ever wanted to know about your favorite furry friend’s business, right?

  2. Dogs are a very significant host of bacteria

    One gram of dog waste can contain 23 millions fecal bacteria that is harmful to humans. Dog waste can spread Guardia and Salmonella as well.

  3. Not picking up after your dog may be illegal

    Most metropolitan areas have imposed fines, some cities up to $750 if you don’t pick up after your dog in a public place.

  4. Parasites from dog waste can be passed to children, other dogs, and themselves:

    Some of the possible ways a dog/cat can obtain various different parasites, viruses and bacteria from their own poop include: rolling in the their feces, pawing at it, and in rare instance even eating it. Some that affect humans are parvo, whipworms, hookworms and roundworms.

  5. One pile of pet waste can take a year or more to fully breakdown

    It’s not too late! No matter how bad you think your backyard is, it can be saved!

  6. Fly Control

    Flies will consume and lay eggs in feces. These same flies will then come into your house and then spread disease as they pause on your counter and food. Need we say more about keeping feces cleaned up to prevent this cycle?

  7. Bacteria from Dog Poop can also contaminate water supplies

    According to the EPA, the bacteria in pet waste is harmful to our water. Leaving it on the sidewalk or in the yards means that harmful bacteria can get washed into storm drains and roadside ditches that flow directly into our lakes and rivers untreated.

  8. Doggie “landmines” in your yard

    If you and your children are afraid to use your yard because of the dog, then you are wasting one of your biggest time and financial investments. In addition, the pets will get less interactive exercise and suffer as well. Once or twice a day 'scooping' off your yard with a shovel or pet scooper will only take a couple of minutes and make it a place where everyone enjoys spending time.

KV residents should be aware that Town of Bermuda Run Ordinance 02013-01, "An Ordinance Related To The Control Of Animals In The Town Of Bermuda Run", makes it unlawful for a person to take a dog off of one's own property without the proper means to dispose of the dog's feces, or to fail to properly remove and dispose of the dog's feces. In addition, the ordinance specifies that a dog may be taken off of the owner's premises "...if it is under the control of a person physically able to control it and restrained by a leash, chain, rope or other means of adequate physical control." Violations of this ordinance may result in monetary penalties. This ordinance covers all of the Town of Bermuda Run, including Kinderton Village and its common areas, so please do not unleash your dog in a common area, even for training purposes. Click on this link to read the entire ordinance.

Almost all governing documents for homeowners associations have restrictions against not cleaning up after your pet. After a warning letter, a homeowner can be called to a hearing and fined up to $100 per day for violations.

It’s a simple thing to pick up after your dog. Here are several options: 1) Purchase a pooper scooper at your local pet store. 2) Turn a plastic bag over your hand (like a glove) and pick up the poop. Then turn the plastic bag over the poop, knot the bag and dispose of it in an outside garbage can or dumpster. Plastic bags for this purpose can be purchased at local pet stores or save your grocery bags! 3) If all else fails and you just can’t do it, call a professional clean up service.

Be a good neighbor and a responsible pet owner. Make sure you are prepared to pick up after your pet.

It’s not only the right thing to do, it's the law!

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