While many residents enjoy watching Canadian Geese in flight or swimming on our lake, most of us realize the problems they create. In spring and fall geese wander far from the lake to forage on acorns or freshly sown grass seed and seedlings not only in common areas but private yards as well. The greater problem of course is the droppings left “behind” everywhere they walk. About two dozen geese are living here year round but as many as 130 have been counted on our lake during migratory seasons. Each goose produces up to one pound of droppings per day, producing not only a messy nuisance but a health hazard as well!

Your Master Board of Directors continues to research and apply various legal solutions to the problem caused by this protected species. Roger Williams and his Springer Spaniel, “Gracie”, patrol the lakeshore almost daily chasing the geese back into the lake and relocating the swan and owl decoys at random intervals. Soon to be added will be a three-dimensional coyote decoy along with coyote urine scent along the shoreline. Again this spring we have procured a permit to legally addle goose eggs.

Residents, your help is critical in this endeavor!

Please be vigilant in the following ways:

  • Do not feed geese (at home, common grounds or lake!)
  • Do not disturb decoys (owl, swan, coyote, etc.)
  • Be pro-active to inform or remind others, children and guests of these requests.


Town of Bermuda Run ordinance 02013-01 requires that dogs be restrained by a leash when not on the resident's property. Further, Kinderton Village does not allow dogs to be tied to a “run” or left in a fenced yard when the resident is not home. The purpose is obviously to prevent barking dogs from creating a nuisance to neighbors as well as consideration for the dog’s well-being. Dogs are not required to be leashed while on their own home yard unless the owner cannot sufficiently control it from chasing, threatening or attacking other dogs or persons who pass by the residence. Leaving an unattended dog in one’s yard is not permitted unless it is left briefly in a fenced area to relieve itself. Good yard management includes removing dog waste from view and smell of others who may pass by.


Kinderton Village has no policy requiring cats to remain on home turf or be leashed when outdoors. It is certainly permissible to walk a cat on a leash though most cats won’t tolerate it. By nature cats are known to be nocturnal and hunt at night. Some cat owners routinely turn their cats out in the evening and bring them in when they return the next morning. People generally regard this practice as beneficial to the control of mice, rats, snakes and other pests. However, cats are also known for leaving muddy paw-prints or claw scratches on vehicles and leaving their bodily waste in unwanted places. Cats should be identifiable by collar or tag to distinguish them from feral cats and for identifying owners.


Persons walking their pets must always carry sufficient bags to remove waste from wherever it is left by the animal whether on the street, yard, side-walk, private property or common property. Pet owners are responsible for insuring that their pets do not create destruction or become a nuisance to anyone. Let’s keep on working together for the betterment of our community. Thank you!

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