Kinderton Village Snake Alert

There have been reports of Snakes emerging this spring from hibernation in Kinderton Village. Kinderton Village is beautifully surrounded by wooded areas and lakes so this should be no surprise we will be sharing our yards with the nature that lives beyond this spring.  Not only the residents love living here but all of nature love living here also including but not limited to Deer, Raccoons, Turtles, Geese, bugs, spiders, lizards, SNAKES and other nature. All these species usually don’t bite unless bothered or approached. The best advice is to let them be and let them find the food they are looking for and move on. You are not their typical source of food so they are really just as afraid of you as you are of them. If you feel that our neighboring nature friends are invading your space, please contact a wild preserve organization to remove them from your property in a safe matter.

SNAKE REPORTS: Kinderton Village has had reports in our area of Black Snakes and a Copperhead.

BENEFITS OF SNAKES: Benefits of snakes if you can get passed their slithery self, they are great exterminators of insects, rats, mice and other small creatures. Some snakes like Black Snakes will even eat venomous snakes like the Copperhead. So snakes could be our friend.

SNAKE’S  HAVE PREDATORS: Large birds, raccoons, foxes, coyotes and even other snakes are a few of the dangers snakes fall prey to.

AVOID SNAKE BITES: Snakes only bite when they feel threaten.
Here are suggestions to share with family to prevent snake bites. . .
•  Never place your hands, arms, feet or legs where you can’t see them when outdoors. Even reaching under the house for something blindly can cause you to disturb a hiding snake.
•  Don’t try to move a snake. While venomous snakes generally do not strike when approached or even stepped on, they almost always do if you grab them and/or pick them up whether intentionally or accidentally.
• Always wear closed shoes and long pants when walking through woods, tall grass or places where you won’t have clear views of where you step.
•  Walk around logs instead of blindly stepping over them. Some snakes are rodent specialists and feed along logs.

If you or a family member happens to get bit by a poisonous snake. . .
• Stay calm. Call 911 or Carolinas Poison Center at 1-800-848-6946.
• Try to identify the snake by sight only. Look for color, markings and head shape.
• Do not try to kill the snake; it could bite again.
• Keep the patient calm and immobile (preferably lying down).
• Keep the affected limb at an even level with the rest of the body.
• Do not use a tourniquet.
• Do not cut the wound.
• Do not try to suck out the venom.
• Do not pack the wound in ice.
• Remove any jewelry/watch/shoes

NC Snakes                  NC Venomous Snakes


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