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Kinderton Single Board Election
Monday, June 17, 2019, 06:30pm
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Kinderton Village Single Family HOA Board of Directors Election Meeting
Monday, June 17, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Hillside Baptist Church Sanctuary
4815 US Highway 158
Advance, NC

Please plan on joining your neighbors for this important meeting to elect a Single Home Board Directors.
There are 3 open Board of Directors positions.
On June 17th you will hear from the candidates and then vote for 3 of these 4 candidates
CANDIDATES: Larissa Brenner,  Warren Howard,  Mark Pfundstein, Lennie Ring.
Read a quick bio of the candidates HERE.

 According to the Single Family BY-LAWS, to have a complete election there needs to be 25% of the single home owners casting a vote. Currently we have approximately 371 homes, making it a little over 90+ homes needed votes normally.  However, since we did not reach a quorum at the last meeting, the rules allow to reduce this number by 50%, therefore needing 47+ attendees/proxies. Our past election only about 35+ people voted making the election incomplete.

PROXY (For Home Owners who cannot attend election)
If you cannot make it to the Monday, June 17th election, you can give a filled out Proxy
to a neighbor attending the election to have them vote on your behalf.

When filling out your Proxy you can select a representative to vote for you a few ways.

1. You could select your neighbor to vote for you by either telling them who you would like
or allowing them to decide for you.

2.  As stated on the proxy form, you can leave the designation blank
which would allow the present board of directors to cast the proxy vote on your behalf.

3.  If you wish, you could write SFB (Single Family Board). 
This will allow the present board of directors to cast the proxy vote on your behalf as well. 

Print a copy of the Proxy HERE to fill out to send into the election this Monday, June 17th.

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