Kinderton Village Neighbors,

Tomorrow evening, the Bermuda Run Town Council is holding a Public Hearing on the Homes Urban conditional rezoning request for 270 Apartments.

Please plan to attend if at all possible.  

Your presence will underscore the desire for smart growth, not urban sprawl.

Tuesday September 13th at 6PM


Calvary West, 136 Medical Dr, Bermuda Run, NC

If you are interested in signing a petition opposing the rezoning, a resident of Kinderton is coordinating that effort.

Please follow this link to complete that submission

It is not too late to express your concerns in writing to the Town Council.

Please e-mail your elected town representatives:

Town Council Mike Brannon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Curtis Capps This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Heather Coleman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Mike Ernst This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Town Council Melinda Willis Szeliga This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mayor Rick Cross This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board



TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2022

Lettered Alleyways that will be paved will be N, O, P, Q, T, U, X & Y.
See image below for reference if you live on the following streets. . .

Bridgewater Drive
Lakeside Xing
Millstone Lane
Parkview Lane
Rosewalk Lane

Be prepared to park on the street on the evening
Monday, July 18, 2022 till paving is complete.

Milling and Asphalt Overlay should take approximately a week.
NO Vehicles will be allowed to access alleyways during this time.
(Clubhouse parking will be available during this time
if there is not enough street parking).

Please note, while the paving contractor will try their best to remain on schedule, all dates are subject to change, based on weather and other delays. We will be providing updates via e-mail, social media posts, and on our website.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for upcoming
2022 Kinderton Village Alleyway paving.


Where is my Alleyway according to map?
Click HERE for your address and your "Letter" allocation of your alleyway.


* * * * *

Why are we doing repairs now?
Our alleyway surfaces are over twenty years old.
The intent is to resurface before the road bed begins to fail.
In 2017, 30% of repairs were completed,
with the remaining 70% were being addressed between 2021 and 2022.


* * * * *

When will the paving start?

 The contractor has forecast preliminary work will begin July


* * * * *

How long will this take?
Milling and asphalt overlay tasks are forecast to take place over one to two weeks.


* * * * *

Will I lose access to my driveway?
Yes. The day your milling occurs, you will have to park on the street till completion.
Additional parking is available at the clubhouse if that will help you.


* * * * *

 Who is paying for this?
The Kinderton Single Family Homeowners Association has been
saving/accruing the necessary funds in their Capital Reserve for a number of years.
The cost for this project will be paid in full from that account.
Monthly dues for the Single Family HOA were increase in January 2021 from $55 to $65,
in part to begin replenishing that Capital Reserve account. 


* * * * *


Why isn’t a special assessment being levied just for alleyway resurfacing?

In the event a one time (special) assessment would be required,
the Kinderton Village Single Family Covenants, Conditions,
and Restrictions require every Owner of each lot to pay the same amount.
Such an assessment would be equally weighted across all owners.


* * * * *


Will any “dip” between the street and alleyway be
raised/flattened during the resurfacing? 

No, they will not. Those transition areas from the public street surface to the
concrete apron which leads into the alleyways,
are part of the overall neighborhood sidewalk.
Any maintenance or repairs to sidewalks fall under the Town of Bermuda Run.


* * * * *


Will trash/recycle pick-up be impacted?
Depending how the surface milling and overlay tasks are scheduled,
there is the possibility there will be some disruptions to service.

Depending on project timing, delays, or inclement weather,
we will be coordinating with Republic Services to temporarily
provide collection services at the front side of homes.

There is the chance that street side parking and trash/recycle pick-up
could occur for some alleyways and not others.
During the course of the project, there are not plans to alter the day of the week (Tuesday)
when Republic Services performs its pick-up.


* * * * *


Why does trash/recycle collection continue in alleyways?
Our trash/recycle pickup is an arrangement between the
Town of Bermuda Run and Republic Services.

At this time, there are no known plans to alter that location.


* * * * *

How will my contractor access the rear of my home?
If you are currently making any plans for remodeling, landscaping,
or repairs that require access to your alleyway or backyard,
please inform your contractor of the likely hood
they may have to park on the street and walk to the rear of your yard.


* * * * *


Will there be Porta-Jons on Site?
At this time, there are no plans for those to be present.


* * * * *


Alleyways are not behind my home.
Many of our Kinderton residents walk, bicycle, scooter, and golf cart along
the nearly 25 alleyways within our neighborhood.
While the paving project might not directly affect you,
making everyone aware will help minimize surprises.


* * * * *


How will I be notified of changes?
Both our website and the Kinderton Social group on Facebook will provide updates.
Additionally there will be flyers at the mail kiosks and signs at neighborhood entrances.

Most importantly, if Cedar Management does not have your e-mail address or phone number,
please call Cedar customer service at (877) 252-3327 and provide that information.
“Tenants, please ask your landlord to forward any e-mail updates they receive.”


Hello Kinderton Neighbors,


You are invited to a collaborative meeting to discuss next steps regarding the upcoming rezoning request for the proposed apartment complex.


Who:   All Kinderton Residents

When:  7:00 pm Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 & 14
(we are holding two meetings to accommodate as many residents as possible who might have scheduling conflicts)

Where: Kinderton Clubhouse

Agenda: We will discuss and plan for the April 20th rezoning meeting, deciding on what we want the Planning Board and Town Council to know are our MOST IMPORTANT issues for Kinderton Village residents.

We will open the Clubhouse before 7:00 both evenings allowing us to start on time.                

PLEASE Share this invitation with your neighbors, since there are still many who are not aware of this rezoning application.  

We don’t want to miss out on anyone’s feedback!


Also, mark your calendars for these important upcoming dates...


Wednesday, April 13, 2022 Davie County Planning & Zoning
Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Meetings

Agenda is posted for the upcoming April 20, 20222 Bermuda Run Planning Board Regular Meeting


Wednesday, April 20, 2022 3:00 PM at Bermuda Run Town Hall
The Bermuda Run Planning Board will consider the application to rezone.

Planning Board agenda packets will be available one week prior and online for viewing

The Planning Board may Approve / Deny / or Defer a decision on the request to rezone the property.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 9 AM at Bermuda Run Town Hall
Bermuda Run Town Council Agenda Meeting will be held.


The Town Council at that time may vote to hold a public hearing on the issue of the rezoning request for Tuesday, May 10th at 6pm.

Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board and Sub-Association Directors

Hello Kinderton Village Neighbors,


Over the last week, your Master Board and Sub-Association Directors have received the latest overture from Robert Morgan (Homes Urban) regarding their proposed apartment complex.


Like earlier this spring, our intent as your HOA representatives is to obtain actionable information about the proposed development, how it might affect you, offer our concerns, and request changes.


Click HERE for document which was initially shared on April 20th with all of Kinderton Village.  It contains questions and answers, plus Homes Urban site plan and building rendering.


On next Tuesday June 21st, your HOA directors have been invited to meet with Mr. Morgan and Hillsdale Real Estate Group (owner of the site).


As we understand the agenda, Homes Urban and Hillsdale will lay out a proposal that would alter their initial rezoning request, to include “conditional zoning”.


We have not been provided any additional information on conditional zoning, or how the process will unfold moving forward, but will continue to collect and distribute that info as it is received.


The following bulleted excerpts are our perceptions of conditional zoning.

  • Conditional zoning means a zoning in which, the governmental body allows a change in zoning activities subject to certain conditions that are designed to protect adjacent land from the loss of use value which might occur, if the new zoning activities are allowed without any sort of restrictions.
  • Site plans. A site plan incorporated into a conditional rezoning can identify where roads, buildings, parking, particular uses, and buffers will be located. It can provide information on landscaping or stormwater management, although details on these aspects of the development may be addressed later in the permitting process.

As your respective HOA director prepares to meet with Homes Urban and Hillsdale, if you have questions or concerns which need to be posed or answered, we encourage you to contact them directly with those points.


Their contact information is listed on under Kinderton Village HOA Governing Boards.


At this time, there are no scheduled follow up meetings with Kinderton residents, however we expect those will be developed following the Tuesday June 21st meeting.


We also suggest you sign up for the Town of Bermuda Run newsletter as information on this topic unfolds. 

Information concerning our Kinderton neighborhood can be found at and also on KV Community a Facebook site.


Thank you,

Kinderton Village Master Board and Sub-Association Directors




Monday, March 7th, 2021 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.
The meeting will take place at the Hillsdale Baptist Church:
4815 US-158, Advance, NC 27006

Kinderton single home households will be electing 2 candidates
to fill (2) 3 year terms on the Single Family HOA Board.
Click HERE for Ballot and Proxy.

The currant candidates available for election are the following,
Chris Bryant, Ricky Horne, Thomas Lofton Jr. and Diane Pfundstein.
Bios for Board Nominees...


Chris Bryant

Hello KV neighbors, my name is Chris Bryant.  My wife, Joana, is one of Kinderton Village's founding residents.  She's lived here since 2003, and I joined her in 2015.  Together we are raising our children ages 5 to 17.  In addition, we have a miniature golden doodle named Peaches who loves to race you along our picket fence as you transit the sidewalk.

Kinderton is more than a neighborhood, it is our home, and we take a lot of pride in our little bit of ownership here.

I'm a retired Master Army Aviator, Go-Team Accident Investigator, and safety professional.  I spent 21 years on active duty and served with valor in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This year, I will be leading a tech startup with partners and investors from Texas. I have an Executive MBA from Texas Christian University and a BS from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

After military retirement, my first job was church administrator for a medium-sized church with a multi-million-dollar budget.  While there, I oversaw numerous building and construction projects, vehicle, and property acquisitions, and more importantly, I helped people with their needs. Since then, I've worked for an aircraft manufacturing company, a major air ambulance corporation, and had my own consulting firm.  In addition, I've chaired several boards over the years and have solid experience working in committees.  I enjoy the challenges of safety and risk management and feel that I can contribute to a community risk management program that addresses the hazards in our community.  I believe that Kinderton could easily be one of the safest communities in NC with the right amount of effort and cooperation.  A safe community is a valuable one!

I hosted a business boot camp for residents of KV last summer, and I maintain the FB Group KV Quorum Group.  My primary reason for serving on the board is to re-establish the neighborhood quorum's involvement in Board activities.

I appreciate your consideration!       

Thank you,



Ricky V. Horne


Ricky V. Horne is a life- long North Carolina resident having completed high school in Forsyth County and immediately after graduation served honorably in the US Army where his unit was responsible for rescuing POWs during the post Viet-Nam War (76-79). 

Ricky’s early career included working in IT for health care systems and over the past 20 years he has taken great pride in helping others improve their standard of living, by providing educational assistance to more than 1000 senior residents in the Triad counties.  Ricky is a great listener and possesses strong communication skills.  He has conducted over 600 public seminars to assist seniors with choices in Medicare products and related services as a licensed insurance agent.

Ricky brings diversity of thought and ideas to the committee which in turn will add value to the Kinderton community.  He espouses the goals of safety, security and strength for all families in the community.

Ricky and his wife Pamela have 4 adult children, and 4 beloved grandsons.  They moved to Kinderton Village in July 2018 and have enjoyed getting to know their neighbors and other residents.   They have been active members of Agape Faith Church since 2001.  Ricky is passionate about music and has played the bass since age 10.   Currently he is a student at Liberty University and is scheduled to complete his bachelor’s degree in Counseling in May 2022 with plans to begin his graduate degree in the fall. 


Thomas Lofton, Jr.

I’m Thomas Lofton, a native of Wilson, NC.  I relocated to the Piedmont area as a College student that attended Winston Salem State University, where I earned a BA in Business Administration.  While attending WSSU I met my wife, Linda, of 31 years.  We were blessed to have 3 children.  Thomas “Trey” Lofton, III our son of the home, Kennedy and Colbie Lofton our twin daughters of Graham, NC.  We previously lived in Kernersville, NC in Salem Crossing subdivision where I was an integral part of the implementation of their Home Owners Association.  I was a member at large for 5 years where we implemented a playground, insurance for the playground, landscaping, financing, community gatherings and events!

I’m presently a Sr. Human Resources Business Partner for Western North Carolina, Blue Ridge region for Spectrum.  I’ve been in Human Resources for 24 years and absolutely love the career that I chose.  I’ve never met a stranger and I love helping others. 

My extra curriculum activities include being an avid Pickleball player as an extension of being a past collegiate basketball player.  I also loved to play tennis and table tennis when I was more youthful.  I’m also a retired High School and College Basketball Official for 22 years. Now as I try to stay healthy, I swim and bike ride when time permits.



Thomas O. Lofton, Jr.



Diane Pfundstein


Greeting neighbors,                                                                   

My name is Diane Pfundstein. I have been a resident of Kinderton Village since 2017. That year I began volunteering on the KV architectural review committee (ARC) and became head of the pool committee.  Presently I am committee chairman for the KV Clubhouse, handling rentals of the facility for the neighborhood.  Additionally, I am on the Single Family landscape committee working with our landscaper on large projects.

One of my goals for Kinderton is the hope to create more community involvement from our residents by the formation of committees. From past experience I found committees; give residents a say in what goes on in their neighborhood, it prepares them to be future board members, and helps reduce the commitment of time the Board of Directors has to spend researching projects while utilizing the skills of the homeowners.  

Community service has always been an important part of my life. In my mid 20s I began my HOA service, as president of my condominium homeowner’s association.  It was a challenging position as we were self-managed so there was considerably more responsibility for all the maintenance and repairs.

For over 35 years I continued my HOA service: serving on Board of Directors, as the administrator for a neighborhood blog for 200 homes, and on various committees. 

In those previous roles I followed the rules and regulations of the HOA bylaws and CCR‘s as required for all volunteers and board members. Wishful thinking does not negate that responsibility although often residents would like otherwise.

If you have questions, I can be contacted through the clubhouse site.



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