KV Mail Kiosk

Kinderton Village Mail Kiosk


There are 8 Mail Kiosks throughout Kinderton Village.
Some of the Mail Kiosks are numbered by the plat number of residence
& others are randomly numbered (Not by home address).
Keys and location of boxes should be given to new residence owner
by Realtor Agent / Previous Owner / Rental Agency of the Property.
Sometimes the Postal service will put a labeled key in your mail box for larger packages being delivered.
The key goes to a larger mail slot located at the same mail kiosk..


Mail kiosks are maintained by the Town Bermuda Run.
The Town of Bermuda Run will make any necessary repairs if a
Mail Kiosk is damaged or if an overnight light is out.
The Town of Bermuda Run will also arrange to have the Mail Kiosk's
power washed twice a year in mid summer and early spring.

If your lock seems to stick or cannot turn, some residences have had success by using WD40.

Post office and Town of Bermuda Run do not have spare keys for Mail Kiosks.
If keys are misplaced or your lock is broken, the Town of Bermuda Run has offered as a convenience,
the ability to have a representative with Twinbrook Builder to rekey the lock
at a price to be paid directly to them.

The Post Office can also hire a service to replace locks for a fee.

Kinderton Village Map


Town of Bermuda Run
Phone: 336-998-0906     Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advance Post Office
Phone: 336-998-4423

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