*Brush/Limb Pickup is normally the last Monday of each Month.

Please have items at the street for pickup before 7 am.


* Should be reasonably fresh and solid (no stacks of rotten wood).

* Should be no larger than 6? in diameter and no longer than 12 feet.

* Should be stacked in one pile, turned parallel to the edge of the street. (**Do not put next to light poles)

Small Brush

* Should be bundled and tied with string or twine.

* Hedge trimmings will be accepted if bundled.

* No grass clippings accepted.

If you miss the scheduled Brush/Limb Pickup and need to haul off yard waste, the location for Davie County residents is Wallace Farm.

229 Wallace Farm Lane, Advance, NC 27006  336-998-8999

Wallace Farm Website



The Town’s Annual Loose Leaf Collection Program for Residents Begins

 November 1 and Runs Continuously through January 12, 2024

Leaf Pickup Schedule

November 1 through November 10 – General Pickup (All Residential Areas)

November 13 through November 17- Kinderton Residential

November 20 through December 1 – Bermuda Run East and Bermuda Run West

December 4 through December 8 – Kinderton Residential

December 11 through December 15 – Bermuda Run East and Bermuda Run West

December 18 through January 12 – General Pickup (All Residential Areas)

****This schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions

and demand.****

 Requirements for Placement

  • Loose leaf piles must be free and clear of all other materials – sticks, limbs, garbage, etc. Leaf piles with these items will not be picked up.
  • Do not place leaves in the street.
  • Do not block sidewalks, drainage basins or drainage ditches, and keep away from these items:  fences, fire hydrants, mailboxes, phone pedestals, water and sewer covers
  • Leaves must be within 4-6 feet of the street for collection.
  • Please do not place leaves in your garbage or recycling carts.
  • Please do not bag leaves.
  • Do not block leaf piles with vehicles (Blocked piles will not be picked up.)