Kinderton Village Neighbors,


Going South for the Winter?

The KV Master Board has engaged Goose Masters to help us with our geese concerns. 

Local geese have been notorious for spreading their love throughout our neighborhood.  Goose Masters specializes in and provides environmentally safe and humane Canada goose control using trained working border collies.  This process is done silently and with no harm to our wildfowl friends.  The dogs will quickly and quietly work on land as well as in the water.

Beginning this weekend, Goose Masters will begin visiting our property 7 days/nights a week, multiple times a day when necessary for maximum effectiveness.  The times and number of days/nights they visit will change according to the habits of the geese.

As this process gets underway, Goose Masters has asked that we please identify any existing monofilament (fishing line) fencing or netting that has been put in place by residents.

This request centers on the fact that border collies cannot easily perceive/detect an “invisible” barrier, and their handlers are focused on directing the dogs toward geese and not around those types of obstacles.

In the coming weeks as Goose Masters becomes more familiar with our grounds, they will be offering a feedback channel, allowing residents an opportunity to report target areas for problem geese.

We look forward to providing a status update later this month, and passing along the means to channel your observations directly to Goose Masters.

Please follow this link to their company website for more information on how their service works, introduction to the team assigned to our area, and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have visited Tanglewood in Clemmons, you will see firsthand, the lack of wild geese.

Goose Masters is a proud provider of services to that county park.

Thank you.

Kinderton Village Master Board of Directors

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