Dear Residents,

The Master Board of Directors wishes to express its gratitude to our entire community for your patience, understanding and cooperation during last week's resurfacing of the pool lot and drive as well as several alleyways.

If you have the opportunity to do so, I hope you will thank Eric Moore, President of the Single Family Board of Directors, for donating his time and expertise to oversee this entire project from beginning to end. He was on the scene daily watching the work and communicating our wants and needs to the workers. Eric's help and knowledge were key to getting us a quality job in such a timely way!

We now believe that the condition of our alleys will serve us well for several more years. It was not the intention to fill every crack that existed at this time but to repair the faults that posed the greatest threats if left unfixed. Part of your monthly association dues will continue to be allocated to the Reserve Fund for future repairs on other alleys. As you are aware, Kinderton Village owns and is responsible for the maintenance of our alleyways. The streets, however, are maintained by the Town of Bermuda Run.

Thanks again,
Roger Williams,
President of Master Board

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