Summer is nearly here, the schools are out, or will soon be, and children will be walking to the pool, riding bicycles, and playing in the common areas. We all want them to enjoy a fun, safe summer, but their safety is threatened by those drivers who choose to speed through our quiet community.

Speeding has become epidemic in many developments, including Kinderton Village. Our HOA leadership has not turned a blind eye to the problem, however. Ann Scofield, the KV property manager, along with Ken Bateman, a member of the Bermuda Run Town Council, and Lee Rollins the Bermuda Run Town Manager, are working to get more coverage from the Davie County Sheriff's department.

When driving through our community, or any other development for that matter, please be aware of your speed. The speed limit on all streets in Kinderton Village is 25 mph. Even at that speed, accidents can happen, particularly when cars are parked on the street. Children don't necessarily think before darting out from between cars, so please be extra vigilant and keep your speed at or below the posted limit.

Please do your part to keep our community safe


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