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Bermuda Run's Tree & Limb Pick-up by 7 AM
Monday, December 31, 2018, 07:00am
by Super User

Tree Limbs


Leaf Pickup begins the first week of November and runs through the first part of January.  There is no set schedule for leaf pickup.  Put leaves at edge of the street – NOT IN THE STREET.  This service is provided by a separate contractor and they pick up leaves only.


Brush/Limb Pickup is normally the last Monday of each Month.  ***WE WILL HAVE PICKUP ON MEMORIAL DAY.***

Please have items at the street for pickup before 7 am.


* Should be reasonably fresh and solid (no stacks of rotten wood).

* Should be no larger than 6? in diameter and no longer than 12 feet.

* Should be stacked in one pile, turned parallel to the edge of the street. (**Do not put next to light poles)

Small Brush

* Should be bundled and tied with string or twine.

* Hedge trimmings will be accepted if bundled.

* No grass clippings accepted.

Location Street Curb
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